// STUDIO KOKOS // | Studio Kokos, graphic design & Illustration
Creative agency, Graphic design, Design management, Illustration, Art direction, Copenhagen
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Studio Kokos is a small Creative Graphic Design agency located in Copenhagen. The company was founded by graphic Designer and illustrator Mika Kokkonen, who wanted to offer low cost design solutions based on a simple offer: loving care. For Mika working with the principle of loving care is the essential ingredient not just for a mutually great relationship with his clients but also as the way for any design solution to reach the customer in the most direct way possible. It empowers the visual design to establish a sincere, focused relationship to your customers and to effectively convey the touchpoints of your offer. In Mika’s experience working with loving care is not only the nicest way to work, it also happens to be the best.


The ambition is to overcome form and function and unite the clients visions with the projects true spirit. We do this through face to face briefings, value analysis and product positioning. With a crystal clear articulation of the project’s aims and principles in hand, Studio Kokos delivers a unique visual tone that is able to embrace all the necessary elements and create a clear visual strategy for any type of brand, organisation or business. As todays technology has created endless possibilities for communication, it is important that a brand or business creates a unique standpoint in order to survive in the contemporary jungle of visual language.


Studio Kokos has extensive work experience in Graphic Design, Illustration, Visual Identity, Design Development, Design Management, Brand Styling, and Photography.
The Company production philosophy is: “no project is too small to deserve love.”


Mika Kokkonen studied graphic design & visual communication at Danish School of Design, today the school is merged with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design

Selected Projects