// STUDIO KOKOS // | Studio Kokos, graphic design & Illustration
Creative agency, Graphic design, Design management, Illustration, Art direction, Copenhagen
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Studio Kokos is a small Creative Graphic Design agency located in Copenhagen. The company is founded by Graphic Designer and illustrator Mika Kokkonen with the aim to create a low cost agency that delivers full hearted design solutions based on the core principle that loving care transports positive vibrations to your costumers and support the needed visual empowering which and ables your business to reach the wanted touchpoints of your target group.


The ambition is to go beyond form and function and unite the clients visions with the projects true spirit. The goal is a unique visual tone that is able to embrace all the 
communicative elements and create a clear visual strategy for any type of brand, organisation or business. As todays technology has created endless possibilities for communication, its important for a brand or business to create unique standpoint to be able to survive.


Studio Kokos work experience is focused around Graphic Design, Illustration, Visual Identity, Design Development, Design Management, Brand Styling, and Photography. The Company production philosophy is “no project is to small to deserve love.” Through a sincere design process consisting of a face to face brief, analysis and positioning of the product and its market, a  clear creative opening will emerge during these steps, and can be applied to the frames of your project.

Selected Projects